BGE EVsmart Program Eligibility & Requirements

This online application is for qualified government entities interested in hosting electric vehicle (EV) charging stations that are publicly accessible and are owned and operated by BGE.

Eligible Site Hosts:

  • Municipal, county, and state government offices and facilities;
  • Maryland Department of Transportation State Highway Administration Park and Ride facilities and county or municipal commuter parking lots; or
  • Other property leased, owned, or occupied by a unit of Maryland state, county, or municipal government for public use.
If you are unsure whether your organization qualifies as an eligible site host, please contact the BGE EVsmart Program team via email at BGE strongly encourages interested parties to consult with their BGE account representative or the EVsmart Program team before submitting an application.
Site Host Facility Requirements:
Eligible site hosts must meet the following criteria:
  • Be a current BGE commercial customer with available electricity distribution capacity;
  • Have jurisdiction over the parking area and electrical access at the site;
  • Agree to provide BGE with the right-of-way necessary to install and operate charging stations;
  • Provide sufficient lighting and security (e.g., staff, cameras) for safe operation of the charging station;
  • Ensure the site is available to the public (e.g., not behind a gate) 24 hours per day, seven days per week, for at least five years; and
  • Agree to work in partnership with BGE for the duration of the five-year program.
Additional Criteria to Be Considered:
In selecting site hosts and determining siting locations for public EV chargers, BGE may request and/or consider the following additional information:
  • To what extent will trenching and other site work be required to supply the necessary electricity and install charging stations?
  • Are there existing charging stations at the site?
  • Is the site in close proximity to other charging stations?
  • Will the site serve low income areas?
Information Needed:
To complete this online application, please be prepared to provide the following information:
  • Public EV charger installation location address AND the corresponding BGE account number; 
  • Contact information for the person BGE should contact regarding the application; and 
  • A description of the facility and proposed location of public EV chargers.
Submit a separate application for each address you would like BGE to consider for public EV chargers.

Creating an Account:
New users will be prompted to create an online application account. If submitting more than one application, please enter all using the same user account.
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